5 Ways To Travel Virtually During Quarantine

Travel in real is not possible at this moment, and when you have done the travel activity a principal part of your life, it’s can be real hard. Since a few months, I have done that I do at least one trip by month, in March, I have managed to move early my trip to Disneyland Paris before they close the parks but I have my trip in April to cancel. But I decided do not quit to travel and spending a bit of every day to travel virtually in waiting to could go back!

In fact, I realized that travel virtually is something that I was doing already often between each of my monthly trip. If you’re not familiar with this idea, I will share my five favorite ways to travel virtually during this phase of quarantine. Staying home and travel!


Let’s take a line trip in your camera roll from your past trips. Look on your favorite photos and videos. Try to remember the feelings when you was to this place and remember the good memories that you have done. Remember the good memories from past trips in waiting to could create some new memories. It’s on this way that I create my Disneyland Memories Game.


I love planning trips! I consider that planning a trip is a big part of travel. Like when I create my videos, I do a pre-production before filming the video and I love also so much this part. It’s a part of the project! Right! Planning a trip can be hard currently when you haven’t of dates and with the constantly evolving situation. But I’m convinced that it’s always possible. You can’t booking flights, hotels at some special dates but you can start to pick up your next destination (if it’s not already done) and starting to explore what you want to do there. And starting to planning what kind of days you could like during this trip.


It’s a big part why I love not only take photos but create videos also! To could remember and look on them during out of travel! There is a bunch of awesome travel videos around Vimeo, where you could take some trips on destinations around the world. It’s could be also help you to pick up your next destinations or adding some at your travel bucket list.


You have delay on the printing of your photos from your past travel. It’s time to do it! If you follow me since awhile, you know that my favorite way to print photos is in some photo books. Minimalist and stay organized! Create a photo book can be a big or small project depending on what kind of photo book you want to do. But it is exactly the perfect time in quarantine to start a photo book project. During this project you could totally travel back in your trip.


Do you have a Pinterest account? If not! You need to create one right now! I’m not a social media platforms. I have only Instagram and Pinterest. Pinterest is the best to find inspirations. Create a travel board, and pin inside all the destinations who inspire you and dream to go, pin your favorite travel photos inside. Let’s doing a dream travel Pinterest board.

What is your favorite way to travel virtually during this quarantine or when you’re not traveling? Thanks for reading!


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