5 Ways For A Cozy Bedroom

Welcome to my cozy world! Cozy is all my life since a few months! Cozy things help me to feel me better, calm, happy. Inside of the home, I do my own cozy world and outside of the home the challenge is harder but I try always to have something of cozy with me. Cozy clothes, cozy shoes,… I generally now buy only things who gives me coziness! The place where I have the more of cozy things is in my bedroom where I spend the most time. Sharing my favorite things for a cozy bedroom.

Cozy blankets. I’m a cozy blankets lover! I already told in a random of posts but my biggest favorite are the Saranoni blankets, I spent my time with them, so cozy, soft, comfortable, they help me to feel me better. I took them even on my trips! Even if it’s a one or two nights trip! I can’t to be cozy in my bedroom without these blankets.

Small lights.  I love to add not one but a few small lights. I have the system Hue Go in my bedroom, I switch the lamps at a low intensity. It’s a cozy paradise on nights! Well! I know it’s not good but I keep my Philips Hue Go lamp at the lower intensity all night. I have fear or dark and since now I fall asleep fastly.

Comfortable bed. The bed is the main piece of the bedroom! Take a special attention to him, add cozy blankets on, faux fur pillows and a bunch of pillows, your favorite bed sheets. To do your bed the paradise of coziness! Since I did my bed more comfortable, I sleep better also.

Organized bedroom. I’m not obsessed by the organization but I love tyding! An organized, clean bedroom gives you more in peace and comfort.

Warm drinks. If you work at home like me, add a warm drink hot cocoa or hot tea during your work time. I love warm drinks during watching a tv show in my bed on nights also.


There is not so long time I discovered the hygge in a book! This lifestyle is amazing! The simple comfortable things are the best! That gives me the want to discovery Denmark now. What are your favorite things to do your home cozy?




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