5 Tips When You Have Reading Troubles

I had some big troubles to read for years! But recently, I managed to read all the Harry Potter books! It’s a goal that I launched me in the beginning of this year. It was incredible! It’s crazy when I thought that I read seven books in nine months so that I have never read one single book since school years. I tried a few times but I never was able! I had big troubles to stay concentrate with my flashbacks and anxiety and I was not able to read more than one phrase and even before finish it, I have forgotten the beginning of it. Now, since that I finished the Harry Potter books, I have the want to continue reading, I have just a hard time to find what books I want to read like I never read books before. I can’t tell that I have a big love for reading but month after month, it’s really something that I loved to do and including it in my nighttime routine. Here, I will share five tips that I used and who helped me to managed reading and stay concentrate on the book.

1- Find a good method. Well! The regular method to read is paper books and a lot of peoples love this that I totally respect but when you have reading troubles is not the perfect method. Before I started to read my first book I was thinking with the new methods who are here, what I could use and be the best for me. I was not able to read on paper books and with my lifestyle that I do not love clutter, I took off paper books of my way because books are clearly a way to clutter. I finally took the way of the Kindle App with my iPad. And it’s clearly a good reading method that I found for me. There are a lot good reasons for me. I have read the seven Harry Potter books on my iPad, with the Kindle App no clutter, books are less expensive, less heavy than a book and helpful tools as the time before the end of the chapter. I love reading with this way. I considered to buy me a Kindle but I finally say no. The Kindle App with my iPad is clearly enough and always in the way do not clutter, I do not want to add another device so I can to do it with one and who works well. My first tip is to find the good method to read that could work with you.

2- Read by chapter. It’s something that I decided to do since the beginning and it’s really successfully helped me. Read by chapter, when you start one chapter, finish it. Sometimes, it was hard with the Harry Potter books and 55 minutes reading a chapter. But it’s really helped me! It’s really helped to stay concentrate and know where I am. It’s easy to forget what you read when you have memory troubles like me and read by chapter really helped. The next day when I read the next chapter, I know and remember the previous chapter. If I cut in the middle of a chapter, I totally forget what I read. It’s for this reason that I love the Kindle App because you have the time before the end of the chapter and before starting the chapter I can look if I have enough time to read the complete chapter. Read by chapter is really something that I recommend if you have memory troubles like me.

3- Set a schedule. Set an hour and number of days that you want to read in the week. Find a time in the day where you could feel good to read. I added my reading times in my nighttime routine and I loved. Set a schedule rather than read at any time of the time helps to be consistent. I noticed also that set a schedule helped my memory and remember the previous that I read.

4- Create a cozy corner. Grab cozy blankets, hot tea or hot cocoa, the best cozy cushions, slow lights and find a good position that you could love to read with and who makes you feel good. It’s just a nice way to could read and stay concentrate.

5- Find the good books. Choose and find the books who could motivate you and invest you in the activity of reading. I think it’s important to find the good books. I know you can’t tell if a book is good before reading it, but here I refer rather to the category of books that you can love, the kind of book that motivates you. I didn’t love all Harry Potter books but I like even loved to read them because I was motivated and I wanted to discover what was the story of Harry Potter. Find books who motivate you!


These are some tips who really helped me to read with my memory & concentration troubles! What tips do you use when you have reading troubles?


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