5 Things I can’t live without: Moving Edition

The big moving day was friday! I sleep now in the new house but we are always in the moving process because we have furniture in the rental house again and nothing is really organized in the new house. Nothing except my bedroom! It’s clutter my mind when nothing is organized and everything is everywhere, my parents have a lot of things and I feel not good psychologically when nothing is clear and organized. Ok! This is the moving situation. My mom promises me that she will tidy and throw a lot of things. I need minimalism and organized things for help my mind at feel good! Already that I’m in a hard time with my anxiety and obsessional thoughts. Switching furniture from a house to another is destabilizing. I create me a box of things that I can’t live without during the moving process. They can switch the house that when I switch me also the house!

Blankets. I can’t live and sleep without my cozy blankets from Saranoni. I took with me at least one even in travel. I can’t sleep a minimum correctly without them. And snuggles and take breaks of tidy with them.

Philips Hue Go. My favorite lamp and my favorite lamp system, I already talked about my Philips Hue Go and how it is a therapy this lamp for me here. This is the only lamp that I need. I can switch the colors in function of how I feel with my anxiety and put the blue color help me to relax.

Cozy clothes. Well! Moving clothes. I have to need to keep cozy clothes, just for be comfortable and cozy and facing the situation to moving.

My Camera. I need my camera during moving to take photos before and after. We renovate the house and I love to take photos before/after to see the changes. And follow how I do to feel me cozy in the new bedroom.

My MacBook. No matter if I have wifi or not, I love to have my MacBook with me for watching a downloaded tv show episode almost when I do not have my tv and chromecast plugged again. Write notes, transfer photos, and co. I love to have it with me during all the process of moving.


Well! These are my absolute five things that I can’t live without during the moving process. That helps me to feel more comfortable, cozy, facing my anxieties. This weekend when I switched from a house to another, these five were with me.


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