5 Meditation Tips When You Struggle To Meditate

Do you want to meditate, but you struggle? I know that so good! I practice meditation now since over one year regularly and because of my Complex PTSD, I struggle very often to meditate. Right! The first thing to do when you struggle to meditate, it’s find WHY you struggle. It’s can be for different reasons. Too much thoughts? Not in a good position? And much more. I think, it’s really important to identify why you struggle. To find the best solution to make meditation more easy. And a good time in your daily life.

I share my five top meditation tips who help me personally when I struggle with my meditation sessions!


My personally biggest struggle when I meditate is my flashbacks and because I’m overthinking. In these situations, my best helpful tool is before the session choose and visualize a relax place (it’s can be real like your favorite place or imaginary) that I can land during my meditation sessions. When I have some flashbacks or I’m overthinking with my Complex PTSD my brain can’t stop and relax. Visualize and redirect my thoughts on a place when my flashbacks start to disrupt my sessions helps me a lot. It’s permits to my brain to continue thinking to something but to something who helps me to relax and encourage myself to continue the meditation sessions.


If you are doing guided meditation and struggle. Try to find another voice. It’s looks insignificantly but depending of what voice guide you during your meditation sessions it’s can to have an important effect on how you live them. After more than one year of using it, I can that recommend you the app Calm with the voice of Tamara Levitt, but there is some meditation sessions guided by others voices. If you use guided meditation what I recommend you a lot of if you are a meditation beginner, try another voice.


When you think to meditation, you think probably to the usual sitting position with hands on your laps. It’s not the only best position! In reality, during the half of my first year of practice meditation, I practiced meditation only lay down on my bed. I was incapable to practice sitted meditation! I needed to be lay down! It’s only since a few weeks that I can now practice sitted meditation and feel me good about it and relaxing.

In his guided meditations, Tamara Levitt tells often that practice meditation can be in any position in the moment that it’s comfortable for you and that you can relax your back. If you struggle with sitted meditation, I highly recommend you to try meditation sessions lay down. It was the only position that I was able to meditate during one year and without meditate lay down, I think that I could never be where I am today with my meditation practice.


Meditation is often recommended to practice in the morning before you start your day. It is a good time! It’s at this moment that I practice the more currently! But nobody is the same. And the best time for someone couldn’t be the best time for another one person. I think, it’s depending of your lifestyle, when you can have the time and of your current mental health. By the past I already practiced only in the evenings or in the middle of the afternoons. It’s can even changed from one month to another, one season to another, I think it’s depending of multiple reasons. I encourage you to start explore what is the best time for you by trying in different moments of the day. And when you feel that it’s not working to the time of the day that you have practiced during five months, change again, and adjust a new time who feel better.


Personally, practice meditation can be really hard because of my Complex PTSD. It’s now over one year that I started and it’s happened that because I felt not good about practice meditation, I don’t practice during weeks. I had always practice meditation in a side of my head but I was not able to practice because of my mental health. I left aside a few weeks each time, again recently, I am just back to practice daily meditation since two weeks after before these couple of weeks to have stopped during three weeks because I was not able to practice. And last weeks, slowly I restarted with 3-5 minutes meditation sessions and I managed to be back in it. If you are incapable to practice meditation mostly if it’s because you are dealing with your mental health in the moment. Even if you are someone who has practiced meditation daily in the past and again more if you have practiced meditation successful in the past, if you struggle to practice, DON’T PRACTICE MEDITATION during a time. Keep in a side of your head the idea to practice meditation and after a few weeks of break, you could maybe be back to practice meditation again, and even better.

These are five tips that I use personally when I deal with struggle meditation! I highly recommend you to try and explore different tips when you are struggle to find the best for you. And once again before, I think it’s important to explore why you struggle to practice meditation. Hope that it’s could be helpful to you! Let me know it! What is your best tip when you struggle with meditation? Thanks for stopping by!


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