2021 To Disneyland Paris

What a crazy and multi emotional year around Disneyland Paris that I was not able to not dedicate a special year review post only about Disneyland Paris.

But what some emotional moments! From hard when the year started with the parks closed because of the Covid with many times the reopening date delayed to some amazing moments like the reopening day, to have one Christmas season this year and more.

After be closed the first half of the year, Disneyland Paris has officially reopened on June 17, 2021. Seven trips (monthly between June and December), 31 days around Disneyland Paris area, 28 park days. Approximately 300 different emotions. But ONE feeling when I’m currently review this year to Disneyland Paris, SPARK JOY.

Here a list of 10 Favorite Things to Disneyland Paris in 2021 – but in reality there is so much more than these only things.

-The reopening day. Last year, I was not present at the reopening but this year and at the final and official reopening date has been announced I knew that I wanted to do my maximum to go on this day. This day was so special and I think particularly at the amazing welcome back moment in the morning on Main Street USA.

-Sleep in Disney Hotels. I was one goal that I got when the park was again closed. Before I never stayed at Disney hotels during my solo trips. It was not always easy for different reasons but discover Disney hotels was definitely one big favorite thing of the year. I loved them! I’m stayed at Disney’s Newport Bay Club, the brand new Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art Of Marvel and Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe. My favorite is the Newport Bay Club.

-The Castle refurbishment process. This BIG project. That’s crazy! The Castle has just finished his refurbishment in December, who has started back in January during the closure of the park. It was supposed be one sad thing do not have the Castle at the reopening and during many months. But it was rather an amazing experience. Discover the tarp this summer who was just beautiful and made the Castle illusion so perfectly. To discover slowly the Castle to be unboxed between September and November was so exciting. Each time that a bit (even small) of the tarp has disappeared and discover a new part refurbished was so exciting. And of course, in December, rediscover the Castle totally unboxed and refurbished was amazing. The work done is incredible and it’s totally stunning! The Castle has been refurbished for the starts of the 30th Anniversary next year.

-Disney Dream Factory show. A couple of weeks after the reopening of the park a brand new show has started in the Walt Disney Studios park. This show is so special because it marks the back of show entertainment at the parks. This show has started when nothing else was again back really at the parks because of the social distances and Covid safety measures. In July, this is my first show that I watched since March 2020. It was really so emotional and amazing!

But also Disney Dream Factory show is talking about the importance of believe in his dreams. And it was just prefect after the park closed for eight months. The show, lights, music, costumes and theater are just so beautiful also.

-Watching some parades. Ok! Wahoo! Today, I can always not believe it that I watched some parades, a few weeks ago only again all looked without hope because of the French Government who blocked Disneyland Paris.

Parades are my favorite thing in the parks, and after 616 days, I have no words to explain how amazing it was to watch some parades in the park. And at this occasion a brand new Christmas parade.

-Watching Disney Illuminations. It was the BEST birthday gift! Watching Disney Illuminations back for the first time since March 2020 on my December trip. It’s indescribable the feelings and emotions after so much time. I can’t explain!

-Working on mindfulness moments in the parks. Meditation and mindfulness work has been a big part of my year since the beginning and when Disneyland Paris has reopened this summer, I was so excited to start working with mindfulness during my trips. From regular meditation in the mornings in the hotel room before leave for the parks to work on mindfulness moments in the parks, during rides, shows.

It was not always easy. It was even so hard sometimes. But when I managed to work on this with success. It was totally AMAZING! The feeling of living mindfulness moments make the parks experiences totally different and better. It’s so amazing!

-Starting Now music with the Princess Cavalcade. At the end of August during the World Wide Princess Week celebrated by the Walt Disney Company. Disneyland Paris has changed the music of the social distances Princess cavalcade who happened since the reopening under a instrumental music with the Starting Now music. By this success, they have left this music over the Princess week and until about literally November, when the social distances Princess cavalcade has stopped to left the Christmas parade ride the parade route. The Princess cavalcade ride the parade multiple times in the day, and they switched with the French and English versions of the music many times in the day. Surprised by myself, I rather love the French version. But when this music has arrived in the park, the entertainment level who was always low because of Covid measures was so much better only with this music.

-Following the adventures of the parks. When I look back on this year, following the adventures of the parks is just one favorite thing. From the good news and adventures to the drama ones. It was such crazy and I loved (even if sometimes hard) to follow these adventures.

-The healing works that each trips brings me. I’m going regularly to Disneyland Paris because it’s my therapy place. And literally each monthly trip brings me new discovery and on a new path on my healing journey. It’s such hard but amazing in the same time. At the end of the year, I’m arrived to a crazy and big new part of my healing journey – I could talk in a few days here – but it’s each of these trips who help me and lead me to this new healing journey.

What an amazing year to Disneyland Paris! I’m currently taking one little parks break in the next weeks to dedicate some time to my other favorite thing with the ski season. It’s chosen and currently maybe necessary but I will miss so much Disneyland Paris. Next big thing, the launch of the 30th Anniversary to the parks on March 6, 2022.



French girl, photographer, disneyland lover, lifestyle blogger with complex ptsd.

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  1. I think people underestimate the power of healing when some of us step on Main Street. I’m glad you got to enjoy new things this year on your trips! I’m bummed both times I went to Disney World the parades weren’t running! But it’s just something to look forward to in 2022!

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