2020 Thoughts + 2021 Goals

Hello! This is my first post of 2021! And I will share a bit of review and my thoughts about 2020 before moving on 2021 goals. 2020 has been a very special year in the world. On social media, I often see peoples tell that 2020 is the worst year. 2020 was particularly heavy on my mental health. But it was my second best year in my life! After 2019. If I could choose one word about this year is: adaption. All over the year, I learned to adapt with the current situation of the moment my projects, and I think particularly to my trips at Disneyland Paris. I booked, changed, adapted each week with the evolving situation and between the closures. It’s one thing that I pretty loved to learn! And for the fact: I learned to adapt myself even before the Covid starting but I already learned to adapt myself during my first trip of the year at Disneyland Paris in February where all the shows and parades were canceled because of the storm Ciara who touched the Europe when I was there and of course all my planning to watching shows was canceled. And I had to adapt myself in the moment. Why 2020 is my second best year? 2020 was really heavy on my mental health, I was not able to have access to my only therapy tools for my C-PTSD and in fact today again, I haven’t access to them. It was hard! It’s hard! I had many mental breakdowns. And I’m currently always in one it. But I lived many things in the same times. What!? I went at Disneyland Paris during a pandemic despite of all my anxiety. Right! If you could have told me that two years ago, even in the month of May 2020, I could not believe it. Despite a lot of plans canceled or changed in 2020. This is my second year where I live so many things. Before because of my depression and social anxiety, I lived nothing in my life. Right! I’m currently learning to live. And sometimes the hardest thing about the effect of this pandemic is not only that I have some plans canceled but I recently learned that it’s to see the things who brings me life, stopped. At the announcement of the second lockdown and Disneyland Paris closure at the end of October, it was not that I got two trips canceled until the end of the year but the heartbreaking moment was/is to reimagines the park empty, without peoples. It’s shocked myself when in my mind, the Christmas gift that I dreamed was not to see the parades and shows at Disneyland Paris, even if I miss them so much and I dream to watch them. But the big Christmas gift that I wanted was that in 2021, it’s could be possible that peoples make crowds everywhere in safety. That it’s bring me life to see them! In 2020, I learned for the first time to understand some emotions, and I worked to understand a lot of emotions, some hard, some good. I have never before understood so much emotions and feelings about myself. It’s a bit crazy to me and I’m feel overwhelmed to understand all that. I learned many boundaries about my mental health. This year, I have lived my first emotions who comes from my heart. Before, I have never lived reel emotions from my heart. I know now the difference between simple and feelings who comes from my heart. And it’s help me now to understand what is really important to me. In 2020, I started to slowly recovery from my grandmas passing away in Summer 2019. It took time, it was slowly but I feel my emotions better about this event from Summer 2019. Before, I loved to planning my trips, each moment of each day, and this year I learned to find the middle between planning to not missing highlights and going with the flow to explore the moment. It was such a hard year but my second best year also. GOALS OR NOT? In reality, because of the pandemic I was not able to realize the goals that I fixed myself for 2020. Right! For this year, I do not wanted really to write down reel goals but trying to find new way to make goals and challenges. Because the pandemic could continues during months again and could stop my reel goals. Right! I wanted to make it in another way! My principal themes for 2021 are: +Softness. +Mindfulness. +Mental health. Following these themes, here are a few goals. I want to practice “softness” towards myself every day. And again more particularly on the bad days. In this situation, I’m often angry towards myself. And I want to change that and practice softness, the same softness that my cozy blankets bring me when I’m wrapped in them. – On social media post only things who make me happy. (And take social media breaks over week ends). – Work on things who bring me calm. – Journaling daily. – Find little things to practice daily who reduce my flashbacks tiggers in everyday life. – Make more what make me happy. – Bring hygge and mindfulness more daily. About hygge I have a special challenge, I could share more about it very soon. – Take in account myself first and my mental health, not others feelings. Without feel myself guilty. This is an of my biggest problem and who brings me anxiety daily. Right! I have also created a Weekly Photography Challenge. I could share more about in a few days. I have decided also to create myself a “Monthly Box” inside it could include a book and a few beauty products. I want to try to read one book by month. And in December, I bought myself my first ever beauty products advent calendar and I loved to discover some products. Because! Know me! I bought myself any beauty products in my life except creams and perfumes. I don’t want nothing of fancy but I want to discover a bit more this world. I chosen to create myself a monthly box with a book and beauty products. I could review them here on the blog, monthly. To see what I love or not. Ok! That wraps this post! What is your best thing of 2020? What is your best goal for 2021? Thanks for stopping by!

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