2020 in Disneyland Paris

Right! It is time! Tuesday evening, the French president speech give all the bad news. The lockdown could continue until at least December 15. And Disneyland Paris could not opens for the Christmas holiday window. This is a sad feeling! Christmas is totally canceled. Right! I couldn’t anymore go at Disneyland Paris this year and my last trip in October was the last one. An of the sadness feeling is that I haven’t be able to say an appropriate good bye to the park during my last day for this year. No lockdown and shut down were planned on my last day in mid-October, only curfew started to be installed in Ile De France. Ok! It was a bit excepted that it’s couldn’t open for Christmas holiday but there was a little of hope in the Disneyland Paris community that it’s could open, because the numbers of cases daily has been really reduced during the lockdown and the situation get better but I think the French gouvernment doesn’t want to take risk to have the need to lockdown a third time in a few weeks. I think maybe this is a good idea with this end of year celebrations. But right! This is a bit hard! This is a bit frustrating when I see some governments around the world doing nothing when cases increase and the French gouvernment shut down most of the things until January 20, 2021. I don’t know really where I could want to be the more, in what kind of gouvernment. I don’t know what is the best!

This was a little preface. But! This post could be dedicated to the review of my 2020 year in Disneyland Paris, I can do it now that it’s official that I couldn’t go anymore this year. I’m currently working also on my photo books of my trips since the reopening mid-July. At this moment, Disneyland Paris is planned to reopens on February 13, 2021 if all is good, I booked all the week for this reopening, now I don’t know again when I could go with the ski season in the same time. But I booked the park reservations. I could see!

For my trips in 2019 at Disneyland Paris, I got just one word “amazing”. Amazing times and memories. For my trips in 2020, I have two words “crazy” and “amazing”. I made some crazy and amazing memories to Disneyland Paris in 2020. And if I just want to add another word is “learning”. My trips this year make me learn a lot of good and bad things, on different aspects. The year of 2019 was the beginning with my relation to Disneyland Paris, in 2020 this relation has started to be more powerful and the events of this year with the closures has show me again more the importance of my therapy place. I hope that in 2021, I could enjoy again more on all sides this relationship with Disneyland Paris. I don’t know again how because the park will starting this new year closed for the first time in his history. But! Right!

This year, I do not lived all the memories that I could have wanted in Disneyland Paris. But, I lived some crazy adventures, who are better that if I was staying at home like my life was before 2019.

In a few numbers, I have done 5 trips, plus 1 day for the soft annual pass reopening, including a total of 22 days against 16 days in 2019. At this point is not too bad because in 2020, the park could have closed six months on twelve and in 2019 it was opens 365 days. Right! And yeah! I stopped to count in numbers the crazy memories. From going at Disneyland Paris during a storm who touched the Europe, to a TGV who derail the day before that I must take my TGV line, to living some heartbreaking closures to my first special annual pass day and going in the park during a pandemic with exceptional measures. I’m grateful for these crazy memories (it’s not thanksgiving week in France). It’s crazy all that! And amazing! It’s kind of amazing for me because like told above before 2019, I never lived some things like that. It’s like a renewal in my life!

This year started crazy in the park, even before the Coronavirus comes to shut down the park. During my first trip of the year in February, I went during the storm called Ciara who touched the Europe. It was a big storm with heavy wind and it canceled all the parades and shows during two days on my three days there. Ok! Remember this, I start to tell me that 2020 was not the year for parades and shows because in Disneyland Paris, even before the Coronavirus and because of the weather and many storms a lot of shows get canceled before the closure.

During my trip in March, after to arrived without that my TGV is canceled but with only 40 minutes of delay because of a TGV who has derailed on my TGV line on the evening before. I got also a lot of shows who were canceled because the weather was not always good, even if I managed to have more parades and shows than in February. With some amazing Disney Illuminations pre-shows for the St David celebration and women’s day. The women’s day pre-show was my favorite.

In August, I was in the park during a big heat wave, and I hate summer and hot days. In September, I realized a dream that I got since one year, watching sunset behind the Castle, plus I saw for the first time since March the Castle at night and it was so emotional. Right! And my last trip in October was exceptional, because for the first time ever I’m stayed 6 days in the row. This was the first time I travel so long in solo. I loved it! It was amazing! For the first time since March, I was able to watch some floats ride the parade route also. And it was absolutely amazing! And the soft reopening in July was something of really special, out of the fact it was my first time annual pass related experience, come back in the park after four months of closure. And with all new circumstances. It was really special! But good!

I can’t believe what I have done this year, before 2019 I stayed all the time at home because of my depression and social anxiety. And in 2020, I went at Disneyland Paris during a pandemic with exceptional measures. I do not realize that I have done that! If you read me since awhile you know that the part of the measures about no parades and shows was hard, really hard. But going at Disneyland Paris with these measures was an amazing experience! Disneyland Paris has done an amazing works about the safety measures and adapted the situations and entertainments. And even if it was not until the last day of the season, the Halloween Festival this year was amazing. Different, but amazing. I could tell nothing about Christmas season because it’s canceled but it’s looked crazy on what they have worked for it. Thanks to their work, my last trip of this year, wrapped on a big high and positive note. If I could give note to my trips this year. I could give number 1 to my trip in March, followed by my trip in October, in third place my trip in February, and following by my annual pass soft opening day in July, my trip in September and at the final place my trip in August. It may be my first trip in August after the first closure and solo trip in five months, but my trip in August was the hardest, maybe in real of the fact it was my first in months but under the heatwave it was so hard.

Going at Disneyland Paris and experience it in the middle of the pandemic during this reopening was a adaptation to do with the safety measures but even if it was hard on some things and particularly in the very beginning at the reopening, all the safety measures has becomes a habit who didn’t stopped me to go back. It was the experience of the moment and it was enriching. This experience makes me discover some news things during missing some others in the park and it was pretty cool that.

At Disneyland Paris second closure in the end of October, I have done a post where I shared 10 things that I was grateful who happened between the reopening in July to this second closure. It was in the process to find the good in these special circumstances. In this post, I will sharing my top 10 favorites things of this year in the park (yes,I’m able to find 10 things this year, maybe more, but I will stay on 10 things), and I’m so grateful for these favorites (once again, it’s not thanksgiving week in France, it’s a personal process to be grateful for this).

1+ Watching Disney Stars On Parade and Disney Illuminations.

2+ Discover Frozen Celebration.

3+ Be at Disneyland Paris during a storm.

4+ Watching sunset behind the Castle and in the park.

5+ Doing my first day special annual pass related.

6+ All the new skills that I learned during filming and take photos.

7+ The enriching experience to do Disneyland during a pandemic.

8+ Seeing the president/and ambassador of Disneyland Paris.

9+ The energy of the cast members and characters at the reopening.

10+ Halloween floats ride the parade route.


Now, I want particularly to thank you Disneyland Paris and the cast members. Between the closures and the reopening under special safety measures, it was so special, and sometimes hard. But they have done an amazing work in all that. A crazy amazing work! An of the literally best thing during the reopening, it was the energy of the cast members and characters. This energy of them was so good and magical in despite some safety measures in the park. I will wrapped on this the review of my trips at Disneyland Paris in 2020. I have some work on some photos and videos again. But for this big writing review I stay here. With some amazing times! Thanks for reading!


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