In the beginning of 2018, I launched me the goal of watching more movies.


Well, because I did not watch a lot of movies in my life (same when I was a kid). I watch a lot of Tv Shows but not movies. The only time of the year where I watch a lot of movies it’s in Christmas season, around Christmas I pass all my times to watching some Christmas movies… And during Christmas 2017 I realized that was same a little too much the time that I passed to watching some Christmas movies. In the same time I realized also that maybe if I want to watch this ton of movies in Christmas season it’s not only because I love so much Christmas movies but it’s maybe because I watch no movies the rest of the year.

Yes! no movies, seriously!!! In my life I watched maybe 4 movies by year, not more.

I found that shame but maybe yes tv shows are good and fun but movies can to be good too… and around me I hear always I watched this movie or this one and me I watch never movies.

So, this is an of my big goal this year,… watch MORE MOVIES.

And every month I will to do a post with in review all the movies that I watched in the month. That feels good, no?

I don’t know how I will manage all long year this goal of watching more movies while I watch beside and all time that I can I use it for watching some tv shows. So, in the same time, I decided to fix me… every Sunday nights at least a movie like that I can watch about 4 movies by month (not year)… and of course watch more in the weeks in function of what I want to watch and how I occupied with watch my tv shows.

 On this page, it’s a recap of all the movies that I watched in 2018.

I watch the movies either by dvd or I watch a lot by Netflix too.



Beethoven 2nd.

Beethoven Big Break.

Bethoven 3rd.

Home Alone 3.

Cheaper by Dozen.

Honey, I shrunk the kids.



Mr Popper’s Penguins.

Charlie and the chocolate factory.

Valentine’s Day.

Home Alone 3.

Beethoven 4th.

Honey, I blew the kid.


The Dog who Saved Easter.



Silver Linings Playbook.

Look Who’s Talking.

Little Fockers.

Daddy’s Home.

Blank Check.

FireHouse Dog.


Look Who’s Talking Too.


Paddington 2.

Fun Mom Dinner.


My Girl.

We’re the Millers.

Cheaper by Dozen 2.

Daddy’s Home 2.


Minimalism Documentary.


Beethoven 5th.

Big Fat Liar.

Grown Ups.

Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure.


Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

American Pie: Band Camp.

Marc & Russel’s Wild Ride.

Euro Trip.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.



Ghostbuster: Answer The Call.

The Dog Who Saved Halloween.

Back to The Future: II.

Hocus Pocus.

The Haunted House.

Fun Size.


Ghostbusters: Answer the Call.
The Dog Who Saved Halloween.
The nightmare before Christmas.
Monster House.
Fun Size.
Santa Who?
Scary Movie.
Beethoven Christmas Adventures.
Tower of terror.
Hocus Pocus.
The Santa Clause.
Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure.
Santa Baby.
The Santa Clause 2.
The Santa Clause 3.
Home Alone.
Home Alone 2.
48 Christmas Wishes.
Window Wonderland.
Christmas Inheritance.
Mrs Miracle.
The Dog Who saved Christmas.
The Dog Who saved Christmas vacation.
Deck the Halls.
Santa Who?
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.


Home Alone.
Santa Baby.
Home Alone 2.
The Holiday Calendar.
Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure.
The Dog Who saved Christmas.
The Dog Who saved Christmas Vacation.
The Dog Who Saved the Holidays.
48 Christmas Wishes.
The Santa Clause.
The Santa Claus 2.
Look Who’s Talking Now.
A Wish for Christmas.
Home Alone 3.
Mrs Miracle.
Santa Who?
The Night Before the Night Before Christmas.
The Polar Express.

All my favorites Christmas movies, here.