20 Facts About Me

Today it’s… 20 Facts About Me.


1. I’m a thrifty person. I love save money particularly when I buy online I compare the same things on different websites for found the less expensive and I use so much codes promo or cashback.

2. I love USA. I’m dream to live in this country.

3. I’m a cozy more that fashion girl. I don’t like really to be a fashion girl just sometimes or when it’s necessary if not I love wear cozy pullover, vest, Ugg shoes,…

4. I sleep with a stuffed animal. I love sleep with my little bear, I’m feel with less of anxiety as with my blanket.

5. I’m minimalist. It’s a part of my recovery, minimalist is a BIG thing and I love to be minimalist.

6. I love building games. Since I’m a child I love building games more that all others games, when I build games I enjoy.

7. I’m a Tv Shows person. More Tv Shows like Movies.

8. I’m photographer and filmaker. Photograph or take videos about my mental disorders, travel,… are a part of my favorites, I want my job in this category.

9. I love Travel. Discovering new things, the travel are a source of anxiety but I love travel, I want a life with a lot of travel in my future.

10. I love so much Erin Condren stuffs. I love, love so much these stuffs in my daily life or less daily, found here.

11. My favorite brand shoes: UGG. The cosy of them, the sweeties,… they are my favorites ever shoes, particularly the classic.

12. I’m minimalist and organizer person. Minimalist but organized person, yeah! I love so much organization, I can stay hours until I found the good organization… organization and minimalist are my biggest part for recovery of bpd.

13. I love Mac & Cheese when I do not want cook. I do not want cook, yeah, Mac & Cheese are regularly here, easy to do, fast… see my recipe here.

14. I do not love read book but I love big photography books. OMG!!! Ok, I try to read book, I’m actually trying one again but I do not like, I don’t know why, I read also slowly but I love big book with awesome photography it’s awesome I love watching them.

15. I watch 40 times the same movies. Particularly christmas movies, I probably (I have stopped to count) watching during christmas 2 billion times santa baby, 5 billions times beethoven’s christmas adventure,… when I love a movie I can watching him a lot of times and sometimes same 3-4 times in the roll.

16. I learn drone. I bought DJI Spark for my birthday, I’m actually learning done and serious I love that so much.

17. I love coloring big poster but not little things. A book coloring like that I do not love but giant posters yes I love!

18. I don’t like compare my disorders between them. Each disorders that I have are in cause of my past, each disorders, anxiety,… are for another problems but I do not like compare between them.

19. I love blogging. Since most of 1 and half year I blogging, I love so much that… that’s help me in my mental health. I re-introduced my blog there is few times ago here.

20. I’m a OCD, Anxious, Borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, depression, lack of independence person. That’s All.


This was 20 facts about me.

 See you tomorrow for my second part of recap with days 3 & 4 of my snow trip of last week.




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