12 Months Hygge Challenge

I slowly started to brings more Hygge in my life. Because hygge brings me good and calm about my mental health. Right! This year, I have the goal to bring more softness towards myself and more Hygge in daily life. I loved the idea to create myself a 12 Months Hygge challenge.


One Hygge thing to do each month (adapted to the season and personally).

January: Let twinkle lights in the room.

When I took down the Christmas decor in the beginning of January. It’s makes me feel sad! And I understood the it’s taking the gurland lights who make me this feeling particularly. And it’s known that lights are the principe of Hygge in Winter. Right! I could chose to keep some twinkle lights in my room.

February: Hot drinks.

Hot drinks are known in Winter for be an of the fundamental in Hygge. I love hot cocoa and in February, I feel often depressed then Winter is over in a few weeks. Right! But maybe try new hot drinks as hot tea.

March: Notice in the moment when you’re living one happy moment.

A big or a little moment. It’s something that I try to work on it since months but I wanted to do it in my Hygge challenge in one month. And work again more on it.

April: Photograph Cherry Blossoms.

I don’t love spring but I love to photography Cherry Blossoms. And I find that Cherry Blossoms have a Hygge feeling.

May: Make one face mask by week.

Hygge self-care. Let’s trying this challenge.

June: Explore outdoor.

June is the start of a season that I don’t love. But just trying to explore outdoor places who brings me good.

July: Read by night outside.

When I have done this in 2019, I loved. Right! Maybe trying to do it again.

August: Hot Tub times.

I don’t love pool, I love hot tub.

September: Find something of fun about Fall season.

The Fall is the season that I hate the more. By remember, I always hated this season. I find it depressing. Right! This challenge could be finding something of fun that I love about Fall season. But not because it’s the season before Winter. But! Yes!

October: Watching a new movie by week.

I’m not a new movies watcher. I’m not a movie watcher. Except these of Christmas. But I noticed that take the time to watching movies at night bring me something of good. And Hygge. Well! Let’s trying new movies!

November: More board games, less social media.

Less social media is could be something that I will working all long year, but I noticed that when the Christmas season is coming, I want to reduce it again more. And play more some kind of board games.

December: Make a hygge Christmas season.

Make a hygge Christmas season.

That wraps! Do you practice Hygge in your daily life? And in every season? Thanks for stopping by!


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