10 Ways to distract from Anxiety

Live with anxiety is exhausting if I can’t call this a hell. Sometimes you just need to take a break, even only 5 minutes to relax and forget your anxiety. The anxiety is different in each people but one point common is that it can mess up your life. I tried the medication but it’s not personally helped me. I live with my anxiety daily, I have it every day, some days it high, some days it low. I have my anxiety at any time of the day but the highest time is around 06h00pm. An anxiety panic attack can happen at any time also and you just need to distract away before she grown up so much and does not let you breathe. Since all the time with my anxiety, I learned and include in my daily routine somethings who can help me to distract from my anxiety. Here sharing my list!

1- To Breathe. The most simple and maybe the most helpful, take some great inspirations can help you to relax and go above your anxiety or negative thoughts. I saw since a few months ago that it’s can simply to be so helpful to take big inspirations.

2- Snuggle in a cozy blanket. Probably my favorite thing ever in life. Snuggle with a cozy blanket is so good and you feel just so better. My favorite blankets are from Saranoni, I have two, they are so sweet and cozy. I sleep with every night. I took them even with me on travel!

3- To do puzzles. I love to do puzzles since my childhood. Puzzles help me to stay concentrate on something other than my anxiety and help me in general to work on my concentration who can give me problems.

4- Watching a tv show. I think probably everyone has a favorite tv show. My favorite combo is snuggle with my cozy blankets and binge watching an of my favorite tv show in my bed. What best thing that this?!

5- Take a nap. These very last months, I really understood that to have enough sleep is important for the brain. When I do not have enough hours sleep I can to be more exhausting but I noticed that I can to have more anxiety or less easy to take control on when I’m simply tired. On afternoons, I took about one hour nap and I feel more re-energized.

6- To plan the next trips. I love to plan trips! If I would like to do the travel a part of my everyday life, my ideal job will be a travel agent but I do not want, it’s no entertainment me. I want to travel but I do not want all the time to go on trips. I want to stay cozy in my bed the most time! However, I love to plan the details and planning my future trips and that reduces my anxiety too. I don’t know how! Mostly when I plan a solo trip to a destination who anxious me. But it does it!

7- Clean the house. I love to clean the house, to do laundry, to vacuum, outside of the fact that I need to have a clean and organized house to feel me good in my emotions and mind. The physical effort particularly me who is in physical weakness that is asked to help me to reduce my anxiety.

8- Practice hand lettering. I discovered hand lettering last fall and I found a new creative way like a distraction. The time that I concentrate me on draw letters, I forget all the rest including anxiety.

9- Go on a walk. An of my favorite thing to do outside in every season is take a walk outside. I love to walk! It’s helping me really good to distract from anxiety during and sometimes a few hours later again.

10- To bake. Take the time to bake your favorite sweet treat is a distract time and a yummy. My favorite part is licking the frosting on the spatula.


Live with anxiety is so hard but since I collected a few things and included in my daily life, it’s helping me considerably mostly psychological to continue to fight and to do what I want in life despite my anxiety disorder. What are your ways to distract from your anxiety? Do you have one that I do not listed? Let me know it and I would love to hear from you!




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