10 Tips To Travel With Anxiety

Be the girl who decided to go for it! If you’re like me and have an anxiety disorder and everything around anxious you, traveling can to be really tough! You can even choose to do not travel because of this! These last months, I have done the choice to travel with my anxiety and launch me in the challenge of solo trips. It’s not always easy but it’s worth it! My anxiety and social anxiety can stop me on a lot of things that I try to challenge little by little. Travel after travel, I learned what things can help me to manage better my anxiety during some travel. I will share my favorite tips with you!

1. Blanket. I’m a lightweight packer so I permit to take with me my favorite cozy blanket that I use at home every day. Since I take it with me on my travel I noticed a lot of difference. I feel more calm at night, a thing who can to be hard in another bed than mine. During a relax time in the hotel room, I wrap me inside and it brings me comfort and calm my anxiety. Take a blanket can to be big in luggage but like I’m a lightweight packer on everything else, I allow myself to take it with me.

2. Plan ahead. I love planning trip! It’s can to be pretty challenging but it’s super cool to think and plan your future trip. I don’t understand peoples who take help of travel agencies mostly when it’s a trip in your own country. To me planning the trip is an entire part of the trip! But plan ahead permits you to feel less anxious or stressed to search everything around you once there. Search on the internet all information and details, like transports, food, activities on your destinations. Pinterest is also a dream place to have a lot of information and ideas but official websites of the city are also good!

3. Essential Oils. I use essential oils at home since a few months, I noticed that it’s can helping me and during my solo trip to Paris in April, I took them with me for the very first time on travel. And it was almost magic at night! During traveling, I have very big troubles to sleep so I decided to take them to try if it’s could help me. It’s done! No need to take with you your diffuser! Take just a Lavender bottle and spread a few drops on the cushions, blanket and bedsheets of the hotel. I slept almost all night with this!

4. Cozy clothes. Take comfortable clothes! I take with me only cozy clothes where I feel good inside. I realized that facing anxiety with comfortable & cozy clothes was easier than with uncomfortable clothes. All joggings, cozy sweats, with me!

5. Take reassuring objects. My blanket is my first comfortable thing to take from home on a trip but there is a lot of other reassuring objects to take with you like a stuffed plush or everything else who can bring you comfort and reassure. Take something of reassuring that you use at home regularly permits you do not to be less in the unknown and feel you more calm.

6. Download your favorite tv shows episodes & books. Downloading in advance some episodes of your favorite tv shows or books! Memories of back on my very first solo trip last year, when I arrived in the hotel room and I realized that I was 1000 miles away by myself, I started to feel really anxious. And I started to watch an episode of an of my favorite tv show and instantly my anxiety started to go down. It’s not only in the plane, to have downloaded episodes with that you can watch every time (even without WI-FI) can help you to feel more calm almost if binge watching is your favorite thing.

7. Take a break and breathe. Sometimes like on a big city trip we can plan a multitude of things to do on the same day to enjoy our trip in maximum and it’s can be overwhelming for peoples with anxiety. Take a break in a calm place or with a beautiful view and breathe, breathe.

8. Find a good packing system. To have a good packing system can to be helpful for a few reasons. It avoids again more stress and anxiety before the trip during packing time and it’s easier to find something in your luggage during the travel. To have the same packing system permits you do not be less stressful to pack again when you leave your destination.

9. Little challenge by little challenge. When you have too much anxiety do little steps, start a trip with one or two nights in the first time. During planning choose your priorities and look on what challenges you can do and select a few ones (not all in the same trip) and invest inside. It’s could to be better and more beneficial!

10. Keep in touch. Keep in touch with peoples! Let your itinerary to someone, family, friends. Let a text or make a call at someone every day. It’s reassuring yourself and peoples who can to be anxious for you mostly when travel is something new.


Well! These are my favorite tips to travel and manage my anxiety during traveling! Since I discovered the travel life, it’s my best therapy! Sometimes I can doubt myself with my anxiety and c-ptsd disorders but in these moments I like to think that at home I can to have anxiety also. It’s not only during travel!
How do you manage your anxiety on travel? What are your favorite tips? Let me ideas!

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