10 Things I’m thankful right now

The thankful things.

I hear always American talk about thankful things around Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving does not exist in France, it’s not celebrated, nor even talked! The only time in France when you hear or read about Thanksgiving, it’s when on websites they try to explain what is black friday. Right! I love the idea, me, to say some thankful things. To lean on the things who are good in life, it’s so helpful. When I do that on a depression low, that helps me to go out of this low. It showing that ultimately all is not dark in life. Right now! I share ten things that I’m thankful currently, on this time of my life.

1. My cozy and softness blankets.

2. To have been able to start skiing for the very first time of my life the past winter.

3. To have been able to go on my first solo trip in April 2018 and second in October 2018.

4. Binge tv shows and Christmas movies.

5. Hot cocoa from Starbucks.

6. When the actors from my favorites tv shows share behind the scenes. because I’m obsessed and I would like to work behind the cameras.

7. Walk in my favorite part of the city after my psychiatrist appointments.

8. Take a bubble bath and watch a tv show.

9. My walk in the forest during Fall.

10. To be able to place orders on USA websites by a new way same with the new Europeans laws come out on 25th May 2018 who blocked the international shipping on some particularly websites.


If you are celebrating Thanksgiving today – I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

What is good! to write down my grateful things. What are you grateful things right now? I would love to hear from you!




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