10 Ski Tips For Adults Beginners

I recapped early this week my week ski trip to La Clusaz in the French Alps. Yesterday, I have done my first day of the season in the ski resort to 1 hour of drive from my home. I was not able before because it is missing snow a lot, the ski resort was closed and not enough of snow. Here again, there is not a lot of snow but it was nice to skiing and practice but with the weather planned I don’t know if it could stay opens so long if it’s not snowing. But trying to stay positive, we are only January and the ski season can be until March, April.

Right! To change a bit of Disneyland Paris posts and like we are in the ski season. It’s a ski post! Today, I will share ten ski tips for adults beginners. I don’t know if it’s real because I have never learned when I was a kid so I can’t compare but a lot of peoples told that learned ski like an adult is so much harder. I don’t know if it’s really so much harder to learn like an adult but I think it’s getting more complicated by the fact that adults have more fears that kids. That’s probably real! I have started the ski two years ago. Nobody around me is skiing. How I had the want to try skiing? After to have done ice skating for the first time two years ago for my birthday, I loved and like I started to have the mind to do new adventures, I had the want to do the new adventure to learn skiing. My idea at this moment was not skiing all the time of my life but just trying something new and see if I can love it. Never! I could have thought that skiing could become a good therapy tool for my mental health. But seriously even if it was very hard on my very first day, I felt right now good with skiing and I loved it. I wanted to go back to learn more skiing!

I started my third seasons of ski. I do complete parallel turns, I do skidding turns, I took bumps (but I’m not jumping again), I do side slip and I start to be more confident to take speed and take blue runs. I know to do these ski skills but I consider always myself like a beginner and a bit intermediate (I refer myself to the adult level in French ski school). I have two seasons of ski already behind me and I learned a few best things to learn better the ski when you’re an adult beginner. I’m sharing my tips and my opinions over here.

1. Rent Materials. The thing who is easier when you’re a beginner about the materials is to rent it. I have my own materials because it was a gift for my birthday in 2018. It was the only thing that I wanted like a gift so my parents offer my materials like my birthday gift. But during my first year of ski, I rented the materials. In all ski resorts they have shops to rent ski materials.

2. Choose the right Ski Resort. I have been skiing in three different ski resorts and my highest tip is to look at the right station. All the ski resorts haven’t clearly the same slopes with difficulty levels. What is the right ski resort? For a beginner, the right ski resort is of course with bunny and green slopes. But one thing is that the green, blue slopes don’t look with the same steeper in all ski resorts. Some blues in one ski resort can look red in another ski resort. The good is to look on the internet and search what are the best ski resorts for beginners in your country. I highly recommend looking on the ski pass prices also, in some ski resorts they do a special price for beginner spaces. It’s really cool because you’re a beginner and not explore all the slopes of the mountains so it’s can be nice to pay less. The ski resorts who done ski pass for these beginner spaces, I call that a good ski resort for beginners. If you’re looking a ski resort for beginners in the French Alps, I highly recommend the ski resort Alpe d’Huez.

3. Wear Comfy Clothes. You can not be motivated to buy good ski clothes, because it’s your first year of ski and you don’t know if you want to continue next year. It’s normal! I only bought my ROXY (more expensive) ski clothes on my second year of ski. But even if you don’t want to invest in expensive ski clothes, take the basic essentials but under your ski clothes wear comfy clothes. Wear jogging rather than jeans and sweat rather than a dress. That’s important, you could feel more comfortable to learn ski.

Tip to buy expensive ski clothes. If you’re looking to buy expensive ski clothes, compare and look on the waterproof and heat of the clothes. It’s really important! If you have good waterproof, you could be skiing longer under the snow or rain and if your clothes are good heat you could not have need to wear 50 layers under but two or three could be enough.

4. Master on Bunny, Green and Easy Blue Runs. Of experience I think it’s really important to master your ski practice first on bunny and green runs. One thing to remember that I told above is that all ski resorts haven’t the same difficulty on the slopes even if it’s the same color. You could need to take steeper slopes to progress and when you’re more confident about skiing but the time that you’re not starting to do parallel turns and confident don’t take difficult blue, red runs. What I love to do also it’s when I’m learning a new ski skill is to practice on green before going on other slopes.

5. Priority to HAVE FUN. Skiing must be a fun activity! Ski the time that only you have fun, to do a lovely ritual after skiing like stop to drink hot cocoa and eat Nutella crepes. Stay in the fun!

6. Take A Lesson. I’m not the right person to talk about that because I learned skiing in solo. Yes! I love to do things in solo. Youtube has been my best teacher here! Right! Even if you love to do things in solo like me, you could take a lesson also. I haven’t done it but I really think to do because if snowplough and skiing parallel on flat space can be easy after a few practices and the help of youtube. Now, I do complete parallel turns and I’m skidding, I want to explore more the mountains and with new technic and I really think to take a lesson for this (or even many if I want to).

7. Stay One Week. In France, the ski school for children has only five days (not under) in the row of ski days and I think it’s not a random. I noticed myself that when you do six days of ski in the row you learn better than two days. So if you can take one week ski trip at least once in the season. It’s can be hard for a very beginner to ski every day, full day, all week. Right! Ski only the half of the day but ski every day!

8. Ski Boots Fit Good. I have a really big deal with ski boots to be fit good correctly. I have my own but often I must stop me in the middle of the first slope of the day to re-fit them correctly. Ski boots can be comfortable to wear (except to walk), but when they are not fit (too tight or not enough tight) you skiing not correctly and when you’re learning the ski, it’s can be disturbing.

9. Don’t Excess your Physical Limits. Of my experiences, go slowly physically. The sport is maybe known for excess her physical limits but in ski when you’re a beginner it’s not a good idea to excess your physical limits. You could feel it when it’s too much not only by be tired but by pain in the legs by example. Each person has his own physical limits but when you’re a beginner I highly recommend do not skiing without taking breaks more than one hour to one and a half hour in the row.

10. Practice, Practice, PRACTICE. It’s hard to remember on the slopes! For me also, I can be mad when I’m not managing one thing the first day. But do you know the quote practice makes perfect… Totally, right in ski! Practice the most that you can if you love skiing. Practice, practice, practice.

These tips are recommended by a person who has general anxiety. Right! If learning the ski like an adult is more complicated because of the fears that we can to have contrarily to the children. I have one hundred times more anxiety and fears. Right! Tell me! Do you ski? Are you a beginner? Have you trying the ski on your wishlist?



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