10 Favorites Law and Order: SVU Episodes

If you read my posts since a few times, you know already that these past weeks, I watched a very lot Law and Order: SVU it had become a obsession I watched 6-7 episodes by day and when I tried to spend a day without watching no one episodes I felt very bad. Today, it’s a little better, I do not watching 6-7 episodes by day but generally 2-3 episodes, the reason: it’s because I managed my goal “watching complete seasons from 13 to 18” I did it in three weeks, now I watching again the same episodes and it’s good to re-see the episodes without to be in a marathon of watching. I decided for this moment do not watching before season 13, two reasons: one because I love Amanda Rollins character and she appears for the first time in season 13 and two because if I’m coming in a marathon with the thirteen first seasons, I feel it bad and… sincerely I do not really want watching Law and Order without Amanda. From season 13 to 18 and the half of season 19 it’s a very lot of episodes, among all these episodes I choose to capture 10 favorites episodes. It’s my today post.


10 Favorites Law and Order SVU: Episodes.

Side note: my favorites episodes are generally some episodes where they talk about mental disorders or my fav too it’s when the family of somebody of the svu team is involved inside.


10. Season 13 Episode 04 – “Double Strands” I love this episode for the story.

9. Saison 14 Episode 18 – “Born Psychopath” This episode is crazy I found it sad and telling too.

8. Season 13 Episode 14 – “Home Invasions” This episode is clearly a favorite, my favorite time is when Amanda reveals to Finn his problem of gambling addiction and the second favorite time is when Cragen could sack her but instead of he helps Amanda in his addiction.

7. Season 17 Episode 03 – “Transgender Bridge” I love this episode because bullying, it’s sad, it’s reality.

6. Saison 14 Episode 06 – “Friending Emily” I love it, he’s sad for the investigation on svu team work but like I told before I love episodes with team’s family and here with Amanda’s sister. It’s fun and Amanda is just becoming crazy with the behavior of her sister.

5. Season 19 Episode 15 – “In Loco Parentis” I just love so much this episode because carisi family, I loved see this episode and I love carisi in this episode.

4. Season 18 Episode 21 – “American Dream, Sanctuary Part 2” This episode I love it so much because he talks about the actuality in the real world.

3. Season 19 Episode 10 – “Pathological” It’s a so sad but I love it.

2. Season 18 Episode 10 – “Motherly Love” Oh! Yeah! in this episode the borderline personality disorder is speak inside. A mother, psychiatric but also with mental disorders whose the BPD who prefer accused his son in court for do not go in jail. It’s sad and hello! it’s BPD life.

1. Season 17 Episode 06 – “Maternal Instincts” A big favorite, this episode Amanda’s sister is back I just love every times with Amanda in this episode, my big favorite scene is when Amanda try to persuade her sister to come to the police station.


This was 10 Favorites episodes that I watched between season 13 to 19. It’s a crazy, real, good tv show Law and Order: svu.



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