10 Favorite Instagram Accounts

Currently, looking on the photos and feeds of my favorite Instagram accounts is an of the only thing who inspire and motivate me. It’s something that I have never done over here! Right! Like it’s the only thing who inspire me, I thought cool to share ten of my biggest favorite accounts that I love looking on.

There is some Disney but there is some no-Disney also. It’s a mix, even if currently there is a lot of Disney. My very favorite kind of Instagram accounts to follow in the life at this moment. They are together a mix of lifestyle and Disney on the same account, I love when some theme parks fans share their adventures in the park and also the every day kind of life next to. I already loved this before the quarantine. I love a mix of lifestyle and Disney. I privilege bright and light feeds because this is a kind of feed that I love because I have one like that. Because bright and light photos can instantly take me out of my depression in two seconds. It’s my favorite! But if you follow me since awhile you could know it already! I love follow a mix of French and American together accounts.



This is an of my very favorite account! I just realized that I follow her since one year now. First, I was attracted by his bright and light feed and I fastly loved follow her. She lives in Florida and go often in Disney parks, married and mom of a little boy, currently pregnant, she shares some Disney but also some lifestyle photos and I just love so much that.


Mom of two cute little boys and Disneyland lover, this is also an of my very favorite account. She goes probably every week at Disneyland and I love following his adventures with his boys in the park. She shares a lot of fun tips of hidden gems about Disneyland and it’s fun for the day I could to visit Disneyland California. She have done some absolutely amazing and adorable Disneyland themed days at home during this quarantine and it was too fun to follow along. It’s brighted some of my days in depression. And I absolutely love his feed!


I follow her since before that his last little one and a half year boy is born. I love follow this family in travel and particularly last year when they spent weeks in my own country. Last summer, she inspires and motivates me to drink smoothies, and eat more fruits. I particularly love his captions in his photos with some positive notes and inspirational in my mental health. It’s always makes brings me a bit of positive attitude.


Yen is a French girl with a Disneyland Paris AP and go very often in the parks. She is an of the first account that followed about Disneyland Paris. I have troubles to find and follow Instagram accounts who share on Disneyland Paris, any inspire me on the long term. I love his creative photos taken around Disneyland Paris and around Paris and his travel sometimes, his pink pastel and bright touch in his feed. I love also his stories when she goes at the parks.


I’m not particularly always in love with Angéline feed even if I love so much his photos. But, I’m in love with his daily stories! She has daily motivating stories. I love opening Instagram app just to follow her stories. She lives in Paris and she is owner of a Disneyland Paris AP also but it’s not for this reason that I discovered his account and I fall in love.


I discovered Gary Disneyland photos account around one month before the quarantine, I love his beautiful photos about performers and characters during strolling in the park and during parades/shows. I love that during this time of quarantine and parks closure, he continues to share every day Disney photos.


Discovered it in the same time that @thehappiestphotography, I love her for the same reasons. Just not necessary a bright and clean feed but I love his photos about the performers and characters around Disneyland. I love watching his stories when she is on the park. And I can’t stop watch his stories about Chip & Dale.


I love Cindy for his photos and feed! But, I love her also for his positive captions Disney or no-Disney related. I can’t stop looking on his photos.


Raphael is a cast member at Disneyland Paris. He is really fun and often considered like the best entertainment cast member not the only. He knows at the perfection to entertain the kids or even adults during waiting the parade or some shows. He can bring a lot of peoples to dance on the park. I do not interact but I absolutely love watching makes it fun and magic in the park. It’s bright again more my days in the parks. He have done some really fun videos during this quarantine at home.


I love following his travel and adventures. She just gives me the want to travel again more by his photos. Like a photographer, I love also when she shares some behind the scenes of his shoots.


That is my 10 favorite Instagram accounts of the moments and the most part of them, it’s already one year who are my favorites. Looking on their feeds or captions or stories can brings a happy feeling in my depression. Have you Instagram? Have you some favorite Instagram accounts?




  1. Wow these aesthetics are on the next level. Inspiration from others is always a great way to spark the creativity. Thanks for sharing. Hope all is good with you during these challenging times!

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