10 Facts About Me

My last post with some facts about me it was in January. I found that it was the time to do a new post with 10 others new facts about me. You can found my previously facts about me here and here.


10 Facts About Me.


1. I’m OBSESSED with Law and Order: SVU. Literally obsessed since february, I watched all seasons from 13 to 19, my favorite is the season 19th. I’m happy that she is renewed for a 20th season and I’m excited about two hours season premier on thursday 27th September.

2. My favorite ice cream are Vanilla soft ice creams. These are my favorites since forever.

3. I love Nice, France. My lovely city for little trips.

4. I love hot tub bubbles. I’m obsessed with bubbles in hot tub, pool is not my thing but hot tub, yes!

5. I love go cut my hair just once or twice times by year but when I go I cut 7-10 cm. I just love to go cut my hair rarely but cut several cm when I go. I’m feel better and more light with that.

6. I love sweet message on t-shirt. J.CREW has particularly some beautiful messages…

7. I’m inspired by Kevin Hines story. Do you know Kevin Hines’ story? I learned about him with his book “Cracked, not broken” that I loved so much. He is a inspiration! Her story about life and suicide attempt by jumping from golden gate bridge.

8. I’m obsessed with Amazon Prime and Netflix. Amazon Prime. OMG! I love this thing so much! It’s awesome! I place order on Amazon about 10 times by month and to could to have them in one business day, it’s awesome. I love use too others services include in Amazon Prime subscription like Prime Video (the 3/4 of my favorites tv shows on inside). Netflix is equally a obsession, I use Netflix for watch 6/7 of movies that I watch.

9. Blogging improve my mental health. I love so much blogging, I blog my everyday life with my mental disorders and blogging help me a lot in my mental health… write my stories of my life and all that made finally sense to so many things.

10. I love search ideas in advance and organize travel. It’s a of my favorite thing to do when I have free time.

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French girl, photographer, disneyland lover, lifestyle blogger with complex ptsd.


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