1 Month Without Anxiolytic {WithdrawaL}

Today, it’s there is one month ago that I took the decision to try to stop Anxiolytic, when I started to stop Anxiolytic I was to 0,75mg/day of Xanax and it’s time to back to mid-January when I started to take Anxiolytic. One month ago, I took a last pill of 0,25mg Xanax on morning and since this time I manage to stop it and I resisted in despite of big withdrawal symptoms.


It’s really not the best thing to do but I stop it in one time, I did not steps for reduce it.


WHY? Well, it’s because previously I tried to stop it in reduce by steps but I did not managed at final and after I felt bad and I increased again more, after a lots of discussions with my psychiatrist she has advisable me to stop in one time that was decided in function of my body manage the medications and medications withdrawals. My very big withdrawal symptoms are in general powerful but just of two or three days and calm rapidly that’s why we took the decision of stop it in one time, rather that try and at the final increase again more, anxiety always here too.


I stop it on Friday, the Saturday, Sunday and Monday, I felt a slight muscles fatigue but these times I had a lots probably cause of my weight, follow Tuesday, Wednesday was THE WORST, the slight muscle fatigue it is transformed in A EXTREMELY BIG muscle fatigue, I cannot move of bed, it was glued. The days follow again it was a progressively calmly but after I started the insomnia and that’s calm only there is very few days. I was sleeping about 2 and max 5 hours/night, that too during my Vacation outside home, my first big night was the night before the last in CORSICA 2017 Family Vacation and my second the night come back at home, the follow nights was about 7-8 hours of sleeping my normal hours but my hours was not refreshing cause I did some nightmares were disturbed my need sleep, I told me in these hard times that sometimes I want just return Anxiolytic at my body for sleep a little, but I told me that I would have done all these hard times since all begin for return him. NO!


It’s only some few days that I can sleep “normaly” and it’s a little GOOD.


In fact since I started to stop it and for this time in despite of hard withdrawal symptoms, I manage better without Anxiolytic that with or some days it’s same that when I took it, he helped me for comfort me but at final he did not really helps me, my OCD are better managed without that with. My anxiety is always here and some days a lots but I can manage these anxiety same without that with Anxiolytic, that’s maybe a good thing for my body!


A little view of my mind after this Anxiolytic withdrawal.


If you also, you are in Anxiolytic withdrawal I wish you good luck.


1 month Without Anxiolytic today, it’s a post.




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